Designer replica handbags Generous businesses save East Kilbride dementia charity’s Christmas party after pub closureEK Dementia Carers were left in the lurch by the Inn on the Stroud just weeks before Christmas when it shut its doors suddenly.06:00, 25 OCT 2017Updated09:27, 25 OCT 2017Brian Doig, manager of EK Dementia Carer’s Group, pictured here at another event (Image: John McIntyre/East Kilbride News)

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Handbags Replica Pakistan performed to their potential in this WC. Neither less nor more. IF they had Fawad Alam in batting and potentially any of Junaid, Amir, fully fit Irfan, Ajmal or even Sadaaf they probably could have gone further. But of it was their own mistakes by selectors leaving out decent/good performers. They did not have any bench strength in this WC and that cost then when injuries hit. But if they decide to stick to merit I still see bright future for them. Shehzad, Maqsood and Akaml need to mature more. Bring in Fawad, Babar azam, even sami aslam (though he need to mature more. HE is similar no strike rotation batsman). Bring in potential all rounders in Hamad, Anwar, Bhatti. Bring in good bowlers in Sadaaf, JK (should be back naturally), Amir. Then play as many matches as possible in only overseas (forget UAE). Give these youngsters exposure. You will get a team “almost” matching India in batting and anyway you already have a good bowling attack Handbags Replica.