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CCleaner is a utility that detects and removes files and failures errors on Windows computers (including Windows 10). By clicking some of it, CCleaner will restore it to your hard disk and help you make your computer faster and more efficient.

Excellent optimization package

Cleaning is the main function of CCleaner. A quick scanner detects the necessary files and applications installed on Windows to eliminate them in a simple and efficient way.

CCleanersection registrationCommits itself to verify the integrity of the Windows Registry, which configures the system. CCleaner searches for more than a dozen registers of errors and wants to book a backup before making a repair.

The CCleaner Tools menu features utilitys, such as fast uninstallation, a list of programs that start Windows and restore point manager.

Classic interface

To clear files, click on Scan and leave CCleanerFind out about any accumulated waste? Click another button on Execute and immediately clean the disc.

You can customize the CCleaner scanner to find and delete what you want. The process involves checking the box, it may take some time.

The recorder works in a similar way and finds the types of defects. The information is quite technical, but if something is wrong, CCleaner offers back-back recovery.

Other tools are simple but informationthey give it Even though, in fact, this minimalism is considered, especially compared to other interfaces that the producers have.

It depends on your location

CCleaner’s availability and efficiency depends on what you need. Maintaining privacy is very powerful, but it’s not scanning faster.

Registry cleanup only helps in special cases and this is a very useful action in the latest versions of Windows.

Abolition tools are basic but goodThey work, but occasionally they can erase incorrect data and deleted logs.

With regards to the more challenging category, it is difficult to find a sincere and effective program, highlighting its simplicity and efficiency.

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