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Extinction 2018

For the Father saw a dream, often with the loss of his family in. And it turns into a nightmare when the planet was actually attacked destined to be destroyed. Unknown of those who fight on his behalf to them, keep their strength for their own lives, and recognize it from harm. It follows from thisthe story, he who saw the dream, is the most widespread loss of his family. He begs, and began to the planet, and the barbarism of his own torment on this thing is going to sleep.
Having investigated the case of an unknown luctantemet life you want to protect your family, do not harm.

ExtinktionSynopsisist out of reach.


subtitles: no


General Issue Date: March 25, 2018

Genre: Religion / Glory

Duration: Not available

Dispenser Asia International Pictures

Toolkit: Lizzie Kaplan, Michael Pina Mike Colter, Aspell Knows, Emma Booth

Director: Paul Young, Jonathan Ecliptic arc EN

Type: 2D


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