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Five Nights at Freddys 2

If you do not die from a heart attack in Freddie’s fifth night, be prepared for a scary observation that will bring you back to the most terrible pizzerias in the world to spend another meal as a night viewer. If you think that the terrible points in the first game are bad, wait until you release itin the fifth night at Freddie 2.

Get back to work

As with the first five nights at Freddie 2, you see that you play the role of a security guard in the restaurant for a week. There are seven changes in the game (including everyday changes for the first time), but you can only play one small night into a demo.

You arein the control room in the same way as the previous version. You must use security cameras to watch animatronic creatures and ensure that they do not go to your office and lead to death. This time there is no door to stop, which disturbs at the beginning.

Instead, you have a Freddie smokerFazbeara, whom you must protect, and train him quickly when one of the creatures accepts him. This will prevent them from attacking because they think you are one of them. You also have a flashlight that allows you to look down the hallway to see what could come from.


It has a total of 11 characters, you canBe careful and without the convenience of closing the office, you will feel a much more open night tension at Freddie 2. CCTV It looks rather simple, but if you want to survive, you have to be a speed of haste with a mask. For this reason, the game is much harder than the first five nights in Freddie and really youYou need a stomach if you want to avoid the scary jumping – which according to it says it will make you screaming than ever.

Like the new character and masks mechanics, the Five Night in Freddi’s 2 adds a new function in which you can customize 10 animated characters, which allows you to underestimatetheir levels of difficulty. In essence, they do not increase the maximum for the testimonials, giving you the opportunity to finish the change with the face that is still holding your head.


Graphic, Five nights in Freddie 2 did not improve in the first game, and the style is very similar. Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 x64-x86 FastDL Torrent Download
3D graphics are not very sophisticated, and animationIt does not exist in practice, but the good thing is that it is not actually material. Actually, in a sense, adds an amazing charm to this game.

One of the things that made the first game was so terrible were the effects of sound, and thanks to the Five Nights at Freddie2 is also great in this field.The extraordinary strange sounds of the camera interference sound – everything is designed to be at the edge – and that’s it. My special venture is box-shaped music, which seems to play for all eternity, building speed and tension with every connection.

Play if you dare

Although the deaf does not look like the first timeTo upgrade from the first version, the game is a significantly different game in which Five Nights and Freddy 2 Be warriors can be played, however, it is much harder than its predecessor, and scary jumps will jam you on the floor as a child.


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