Once you have decided what type of snow goose decoy you would like to build, assemble your materials, and choose a spacious, well ventilated area to work. Use a black marker to draw the general shape of a snow goose, and trim the foam with a knife until you have achieved the desired shape. Sand the decoy body with sandpaper to achieve a smooth surface. Cover the decoy body with hot glue, and quickly stretch a sheet of canvas over it. Seal the edges with hot glue. Cut the goose shape from the plywood using a jigsaw cutter. Use the shape as a model to cut another identical piece from another piece of plywood. Paint the pieces in the style of a snow goose, using black and white matte finish paint. Allow the pieces to dry overnight. Cut out the shape using scissors, and use it as a model to cut out as many more snow goose shapes as you would like. Sew two pieces together using a needle and thread, leaving a small “pocket” open on the front. Cut a small piece of plastic banding and insert it into the pocket, which holds the windsock open. Cut a half inch hole in the top and bottom of the windsock decoy. Cut the dowel rod into 1.5 feet pieces. Slide a bolt retainer half way down the rod, then slide a decoy body on top. Fasten the top of the rod with another bolt retainer. Sharpen the bottom of the ride in order to insert it into the ground.

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