if each presidential candidate owned a restaurant

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Replica Bags As dictator he chased Pompey to Egypt, where Caesar was horrified at his enemy and ex Son in Law’s fate. Citing a treaty by the old Ptolemaic King that made Egypt a client of Rome, Caesar saw fit to interfere in an ongoing civil war in favor of Cleopatra VII Philopator. They became lovers until his death and she claimed him as the father of her son Caesarion. During the Civil War in Egypt, Caesar’s forces accidentally sparked a fire replica bags that burnt the Library of Alexandria. On the plus side, while hanging out with Egyptian astronomers, Caesar finally formulated an improvement on the cumbersome Roman calendar based on lunar cycles. This became the Julian Calendar, which after modification by Pope Gregory, is the calendar that has become the international standard. In his five year dictatorship, Caesar was actually only in Rome for some five months and spent most of his time in the provinces, reforming and improving administration in places like Roman Athens. Rome in the meantime was administered, badly, by Mark Antony as Consul. Caesar’s only intervention, and the only real tiff between him and Antony, led to him sending the latter out of town for a while. He made plans for all kinds of ambitious projects based on his experiences in Egypt, this included a modern bureaucracy as well as an institution of census and other reforms, as well as public works and architectural policies that Octavian later instituted The Senate bestowed unto Caesar a series of honours, partly because he was so merciful unlike Sulla, almost none of his enemies were proscribed, indeed most were pardoned, and Caesar restricted violence and denial of quarter to non Roman barbarians like the Gauls (who were Acceptable Targets). He began a series of reforms to alleviate the plight of the poor, built many famous buildings, while also reviving an old project of Gaius Gracchus, the rebuilding of Carthage, together with Corinth, both destroyed and famously salted a century before. Replica Bags

Replica Designer Handbags None of these episodes presents an image of commitment. The absence of it is a bone that has always stuck in the West Indian throat. So when in April 1999 he announced his retirement just before the seventh and final one day match against Australia at Kensington Oval, leaving the WICB with a hole to fill three weeks before the start of the World Cup, it was greeted with cheers by spectators. It seemed unkind, particularly from a Barbadian crowd who fondly called him Sir Carl, but it was a measure of how deeply aggrieved spectators were by his nondescript performances. Informed sources say he had been tipped that he was going to be dropped and to save face he was advised to retire. He had already complained that his performance suffered from the harsh criticisms from West Indians Replica Designer Handbags.