Badass Israeli: Judah Maccabee and his brothers

Fight Like a Card Player: In the SNES spin off Princess Maker: Legend of Another World. Oh, and your daughter can be one, too, even after meeting her God/Goddess. Food Porn: The food you can buy at the local restaurant, the birthday cakes and definitely the food from the cooking contest. Luscious! Fur Bikini: One [...]

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The Brute: Hatchiyack once he transforms from a supercomputer

The Collegium does no better. Savil knows that Tylendel isn't rational where his family is concerned, but still doesn't think to have him see a MindHealer after his telepathically linked twin brother is murdered by their longtime enemy. After Tylendel's suicide, there's not a single person around who isn't too wrapped up in their grief [...]

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