Her infatuation with him helps

Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: Scowl gets in the way of Maliss chasing Snow White, thus letting her escape. The prince still gets screwed. Then there's the scene near the end. Let's just say they unintentionally help the dwarfelles storm the castle. Lord Maliss himself isn't immune, because he's only defeated in the end because [...]

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Dogged Nice Guy: Lotte is a gender flipped example

Disproportionate Retribution: So, you disobeyed the director because you wouldn't walk out on your patient? He'll ruin your career over it. Dogged Nice Guy: Lotte is a gender flipped example. Unfortunately for her, Karl is pretty damn oblivious and she suffers quite a bit over her relationship woes (or the lack of). Jan Suk plays [...]

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The Corruption: Being sinbound is a mild form

Magic Pants: The ability to keep one's clothes when shifting is mentioned to be a "bit of magic" early on. It can also be used to hide weapons. Magic Tool: Literal; mentors create light by infusing magic into inanimate objects, like rocks and shells. Other races in the Three Worlds use various created and found [...]

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