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The Snowman 2017

When the detective elite mythical forces (Fasbendera) led to investigating the disappearance of victims in the first snow in winter, there was a fear that a dangerous serial slaughter could be operational again. With the help of a great recruiter (Ferguson), the police have to connect decades with a new man of enthusiasm who hopes to defeat this incredible evil before the next snow.

There came a little, but ass and brave and friends of animals were in the south before Christmas. Sony Pictures Animation The STAR, the least brave man by the name of Bo, washoping that everyday life would overcome everyday in the village’s factory. One day, he found the courage to release himself, and in the end his dreams dreamed. On the way, he worked with Ruth, dear sheep who lost his flock and Dave, pigeons with high aspirations. There are three camels and static animals, Boa followed his new friends the stars and became an unintentional hero in the biggest story he ever said – the first Christmas.

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