GM: At European level Designer replica handbags, the European Union has set out an extremely strict regulatory framework governing the management of electronic waste, including PV panels. There are obligations to be met in terms of end of life take back, and recycling. The association PV Cycle has notably prepared a recycling system ready to receive future end of life solar panels. Volumes of this waste stream are still too small for the recycling industry to really get behind it for the moment, but it is anticipated. Recycling is an extremely important issue because it enables the recovery of existing raw materials. Take the example of the thin film solar cell known as CIGS: it uses copper, indium, gallium and selenide. Indium is an extremely rare material used in flat screens and certain types of solar panel. It will be crucial to be able to recycle end of life solar panels as quickly as possible in order to recover this resource, which will enable manufacturers to continue producing PV panels. So there is an economic argument for recycling but also an industrial objective, which is to limit the use of primary resources.

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