Additionally, he ends up being a lot wiser in a lot of situations, and he is committing to pass his teaching mastery exam. Burger Fool: Mr. Changing The Majority: Zack has gone from Caucasian to Asian. Changing The Minority: Lawrence has gone from Asian to Caucasian. Demoted to Extra: All of the kids who aren’t in the band and Summer are presumably the rest of the students in the class. “Do It Yourself” Theme Tune: Sung primarily by Breanna Yde (Tomika) with the other stars on their instruments.

canada goose clearance Black and Grey Morality: The Renegade playthrough takes this light. Black and White Morality: Should you be playing Paragon, the central conflict between Shepard and Saren seems to take this light, but there is a large amount of grey in between. Blatant Item Placement: The lootable Soviet Luna 23 on the Moon. Bleak Level: Post Virmire Normandy, complete with sad music (which incidentally happens to be the game’s Love Theme). “Blind Idiot” Translation: The Russian localization changed phrases’ meaning to their complete opposite. canada goose clearance

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