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Canada Goose Parka Down feathers tend to become more allergenic as they age, as they become contaminated with molds and dust mites. Pillows provide the most common source of exposure, though mattresses, comforters, outerwear and upholstery can also cause problems.[29] A Finnish study has shown that true feather allergies are rare, with most issues caused by dust mites.[30]A percentage of the world’s supply of down feathers has been plucked from live birds,[31] a practice which is condemned as cruel by animal welfare groups.[32] The precise percentage of down harvested in this manner is uncertain; while some references report that it is only a small fraction of the total (less than 1% in 2011),[31] a 2009 Swedish documentary reported that it might be as much as 50 80% of the total supply, a figure supported by IKEA (a home furnishing chain) and an industry representative but has been repeatedly disproved from organizations within the industry.[33][34][35][36][32] The documentary also shows birds lying on the floor with large flesh wounds from the plucking, after which the wounds were stitched using a needle and thread without anesthetic.[37] Although live plucking is illegal in Canada, the United States and Europe, it is known to occur in two European countries (Poland and Hungary) and in China.[32] Public sentiment against the practice has, in some countries, been strong. IKEA and Patagonia (a clothing manufacturer) have altered product lines to eliminate the use (or possible use) of live plucked down.[38][39]Feathers found in amber in western France, Canada and northeastern China suggest that some non avian dinosaurs may have had primitive, down like feathers.[40][41] Canada Goose Parka.