There is currently a second album called Neon in the works with funding from Kickstarter. One backer will get to be featured in a music video. Anvil on Head: The end of “Electro Gypsy” video has a giant synthesizer fall on Kandi (and a smaller one bounce off Evangeline’s head.) Art Evolution: Starting with Wandering Eye, created by another animator (Peabo) canada goose outlet cheap canada goose, the videos are far more advanced graphically and no longer depict the characters in borderline Super Deformed style. Peabo’s art for the band has continued to evolve with each video, introducing new hairstyles and outfits for the characters.

cheap Canada Goose The Bad Guy Wins: Lifted. Bad Humor Truck: Ice Screamer from Monster Truck Mater. Badly Battered Babysitter: Kari in Jack Jack Attack. Baths Are Fun: The Partysaurus Rex skit, when Toy Story’s Rex helps some toys to get a party going in the bath. The part before this in which Bonnie is having imaginative fun with the toys counts too. Bilingual Bonus: In Tokyo Mater Mater runs through a restaurant with the name Harryhausen (written in katakana) early on. Even triples as a tribute to stop motion legend Ray Harryhausen. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Outlet WikiHow to Kill Head Lice NaturallyTwo Parts:Treating Lice with Home RemediesManaging Lice InfestationsCommunity Q lice, also called pediculosis capitis, are tiny parasitic insects that infest the human scalp and feed on the person’s blood.[1] Most common in children, head lice is usually the result of direct transfer of the lice from the one person to another.[2] Head lice are not a sign of poor hygiene and they don’t cause any infectious diseases.[3] Although there is little clinical evidence of their efficacy, using natural remedies may kill head lice without harsh chemicals.[4]Wet comb your hair. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Online sale Town with a Dark Secret: Used this trope in “Small Town Steele,” which cited the 1955 movie Bad Day at Black Rock. Undead Tax Exemption: The eponymous character is actually a made up persona taken over by a con man. He had no problems the first season cheap canada goose, but the second season starts out with a visit from the IRS, curious about the lack of about twenty odd years of income tax filings. Unique Pilot Title Sequence: The first episode has Laura tell a slightly different story to since at this point she hasn’t met the man who would take over Remington Steele’s persona. Canada Goose Online sale

canada goose A sixth game, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice, is set four months after the end of Dual Destinies and features Phoenix Wright going overseas, resulting in the first dual setting for the series. Poor, poor Edgeworth. Absolute Cleavage: Mia. Especially when she’s channeled by Pearl, whose clothes are. small. Accidental Pun: Localization likely wasn’t thinking about Phoenix and Houston both being southwestern metropola when it came to “(Uh oh. Phoenix, we have a problem.)” All Love Is Unrequited: The blatantly obvious example of Oldbag’s affection for Edgeworth (and all of her other crushes). Larry. Poor, poor, Larry. Then again, he does write a blackmail letter to one of his crushes. All Psychology Is Freudian: Every villain in the series has some sort of ulterior, complicated motive for planning out his or her attack. Averted with Richard Wellington, who killed Dustin Prince due to his irrational paranoia. Maybe even Godot, who was (quite literally) blinded with rage when he committed his crime. Alliterative Family: In the first game, Misty Fey and her daughters Mia and Maya. Misty’s sister’s name is Morgan, but she didn’t follow the M theme naming with her own offspring. Always Murder: Even the one case that started off as a theft ended up with a murder anyway. The nearest to a complete aversion comes in Case 1 3, and even that started out as a murder attempt which ended up with the intended victim accidentally killing the attacker. Amoral Attorney: Miles Edgeworth and Manfred von Karma set the series tradition for these types of prosecutors with Franziska von Karma in the second game and Godot in the third game. Robert Hammond from the fourth case of the first game was murdered for being one. In an interesting subversion for the Ace Attorney series, he was a defence attorney. Angrish: Whenever you catch someone in a lie, they will generally lose control momentarily and spout gibberish. Anime Hair: Phoenix possesses what could be classified as “hedgehog hair”, with spikes that protrude behind his head canada goose.