I realized I had to not judge anyone music or their style or their fashions but [ask] why had they adopted it, and to pinpoint what I see as the contradictions.”, an English professor at Loyola Marymount University, said that countless young Mexican Americans have made the reverse odyssey to their ancestral homeland over the decades, but few have written about it in long form with Hernandez insightfulness. He hangs out with graying Marxists at the weekly El Chopo open air swap meet and parties till sunrise with coked up chilango teens and twentysomethings in the bohemian Roma neighborhood. He canvases fashion shows, gets swept up in a surging mob at a soccer match and flees an Aztec temazcal (sweat lodge), “gasping for oxygen” and deeply skeptical of whether ancient rituals can act as curatives for the ills of modern life.

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