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Brotherhood 2017

The 12th generation before the main story began, five friends who had removed the orphans’ shield was an inner gold shop. His five best friends are Ah Tak (leader), Gang Gou (brother of Ah Tak), Goh Wong, Ah Cai and Wah Zai. At the time of the block, they could not be found and began to exchange pictures and copies. During the disorder, a pregnant woman was shot in shot shoot. Sadly sad, Ah Tak put his rifle and left it. Despite being beaten with buttonshis other members also surrendered, instead of Wah Zai who was a robbery driver and had fled himself. 12 years later, Ah Tak and others were released from jail and discovered that Zai Zai was a wealthy gold project returned. The team is now planning to call on Wai Zai.

Languages: Cantonese

Subtitles: No.

Note: P13

General Public Date: December 21, 2017

Type: Drama

Running time: No Gaeli


Call: Eric Lin, Bernard Hiew,Hanz Koay, Sky Kang, Jan. So, Sherlyn Seo

Director: Wang

Do: 2D


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