Doctor Foster star Suranne Jones was pictured with boyfriend and co star lover before getting tangled in real life love triangleThe actress was sat between her IT consultant boyfriend and Corrie co star who she went on to datenicola smallEmma Brankin15:23, 25 SEP 2017(Image: Zenpix Ltd)Before bagging the role of revenge driven Gemma Foster, Suranne was snapped having a laugh with then partner Jim and future boyfriend Jonathan at a charity cricket match in Manchester.She is seen sharing a kiss with Jim, who she got engaged to in 2003, while sitting next to Jonathan who she started dating in 2004.Jonathan, who Emmerdale viewers will recognise from playing rapist Pierce Harris, was spotted kissing Suranne at her Corrie leaving do when their relationship was revealed in November 2004.(Image: BBC)Speaking ahead of the penultimate episode on Tuesday, she said: “Being in a marriage and being a mother helps with the devastation of someone betraying that.”Also with the enormity of when you have a child, if you do separate, that something will always bind you and that actually you made that someone when you were totally in love.

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