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Camfrog Video Chat

Camfrog Video Chat is a video chat client for people who want to meet new people online and talk via webcam.

Lots of chat rooms

Camfrog video chat sounds harmless and generally, if somewhat annoying, when requesting your marital status when signing up. Camfrog video chat interface is similar to the instant messaging client interface with contacts on the right and messages in the bottom window. Once inside, ask if you want the main Camfrog Video Chat room or roomsuch as Latino, Learn, Single and a special room to connect people who use sign language.

When you go to the Camfrog forum, the rules are clear: “Do not disturb the room with text or spam over and over” and “No nudity or to ask others to be naked,” for example. Camfrog’s main video chat room is a mess because there are some people on the web, all you see is a large random message between users Click on a contact and you can see its webcam,although some “criminals” might decide to turn off the camera.

Simple but quaint

Video callsYou can also hear Camfrog videos sporadically, as well as turn on and off the radio. In general, everything is very confusing. It would be better if there is a single chat in camfrog video chat, but interacting with several different users at once is like trying to catch rain water.Unless different, funny to see people in your camera that look as confused asthey changed the message. Camfrog Video Chat and scratch your head. Sometimes you also feel like a voyeur. It’s kind of weird that you happen to talk to a guy who told his girlfriend that he and Camfrog Video Chat were the best thing that ever happened to him!

Video and Camfrog Video Chat sound quality is pretty good and it’s amazing how many people are online. It’s good to face the video size, but this is only available in Pro version. It’s like watchingseveral movies at once. The whole Camfrog video chat interface looks great. a bit outdated.

A good time with lots of possibilities

There are many people online and Camfrog Video Chat has great potential as a group collaboration tool. And if you just want to meet friends, you should have no problems if you continue.


New installer

Stability and bug fixes

More efficient login to Camfrog

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