hiccup or heart attack for health care reform

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Replica Designer Handbags It was a sizzling hot April evening on the North East side of Atlanta, Georgia. About five miles from the Georgia Dome there was a line that stretched out eight blocks on Sheldon Avenue as hundreds of diverse faces patiently waited to enter the Artlanta Gallery. Owned by Tyree Smith, the spacious gallery is the epicenter of Atlanta’s growing renaissance movement catering to the city most thriving urban centered artists. The streets were so packed, you would have thought people were waiting to see Future perform but instead they were waiting to enter the gallery for the highly anticipated yoga and art show entitled Moving Art ATL. Some had even flown in from New York, Miami and Chicago to catch the experience. Beautifully brown earthy couples with afros and locks mingled outside with Barbie blonde valley girls taking selfies while hanging on to their punk rock Kurt Cobain esqu skater boyfriends. The eclectic mix of people waiting to attend the anniversary of Moving Art was a beautiful representation of Atlanta’s progressive and blended melting pot. Hip hop music blared out of Range Rovers and Lexus trucks with the top down as tunes from Floetry, Jill Scott and Lauryn Hill echoed through Eco friendly Hybrids and Toyota Priuses’. Cars circled around Sheldon Street searching for nearby parking but everything close was taken. Still, no one seemed aggravated at all. A calming energy encompassed the air as I waited to enter the Artlanta Gallery not knowing what to expect. From the videos I had seen on Instagram coupled with the energy outside of the gallery, it was evident that the person who conceived Moving Art ATL had fulfilled his mission to unify people through the arts and to enable artists to find their center while fulfilling the actual purpose of yoga defined as; “managing the state of imbalance that overwhelms and creates a form of bondage in the mind.” Replica Designer Handbags

Replica Handbags FOUR LEGITIMATE RESPONSES TO VIOLENCE determined by the moment.1. turn the other cheek, not to be misunderstood as pacifism 2. leave the scene (Pilgrams to America) 3. appeal to law (avail your rights as a citizen) 4. take defensive action on behalf of the weak (American Revolution, Jesus cleanses the temple). Don bother arguing with most pastors as they simply jive by emotion. The Bible is a mostly forgotten Book and biblical illiteracy is the weakest part of most church teaching. I respectfully REFUSE TO SERVE ON A JURY on the grounds that Christians have already been dismissed from the law by the SCOTUS (judges dismissed me twice so far). I don care what the on the next pew thinks. After 42 years a Christian and 20 of them in the pulpit, why should I care? Replica Handbags

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