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hermes replica bags He won two Junos, produced four platinum albums, three gold and one gold single. A cancer survivor whose wife is now battling ovarian cancer, Mr. He ran his first marathon in 1999. Mr. Pelc learned he had lymphoma in 2006. Chemotherapy and radiation beat the cancer into remission, but Mrs. Pelc learned she too had the disease the more difficult to conquer ovarian cancer. Issie Pelc passion for running remained strong throughout these challenges, and he decided to put it to work. Thus Issie Quest was born. “I better than the average person, that for sure.”But Shelley Pelc continues to fight her cancer. “It up and down,” Mr. Pelc says. Ovarian cancer is tough to diagnose and tough to beat, with a five year survival rate of just 20 per cent.”Like so many other women with this disease,” Mrs. Pelc says, “I was also diagnosed only after my cancer had become very advanced.” She stopped responding to standard chemotherapy treatment and is now taking part in clinical trials at St. Michael Hospital. “These drugs have kept my cancer under control and have kept me alive.””It a very hard thing she dealing with,” Mr. Pelc adds. “We worrying whether or not she be okay. but I hopeful. One step at a time.”The next step: the St. John Ambulance Marathon in Waterloo. Then Mr. Pelc runs in the May 16 marathon in Mississauga, and the grand finale, June 19 in Niagara on the lake. Mr. Pelc final marathon promises to be a celebratory one, with 50 supporters joining him including his two sons, aged 25 and 27, who hope to complete their first marathon that day.”I want to be seen as an example of the fact that cancer can be beaten,” he says. “With the help of people like those attending our (Gowan) event, there is hope that one day the vision of the Princess Margaret Foundation to Cancer in our Lifetime will indeed come true.” hermes replica bags.