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Hermes Replica England need Alastair Cook to lead the way again just 2 matches after he quit as captainFormer skipper will be vital to attempts to bat out the final two days and deny South Africa a series levelling win20:44, 16 JUL 2017Cook and Keaton Jennings are the men at the crease as England chase (as if!) 474 Cook might not be captain any more, but he has the weight of a nation on his shoulders as England try to salvage something from a game they appear destined to lose.A fanciful target of 474 has been set by the Proteas following their 343 9 declared at Trent Bridge, leaving England with two days left to survive or to set a brand new world record on a fourth day pitch that is starting to misbehave a touch and take more turn.”Cooky is such a massive player for us,” said all rounder Moeen Ali, who took 4 78. “He is the one guy in our side who we know can score big runs and bat for a long long time.”If there is anybody who can bat for six sessions in our side it is him and thankfully he and Keaton survived the 15 minutes at the end.”We’ve got some very good batters who are capable of batting for six sessions and we know that Cooky is hard to get out once he gets in so hopefully we can see that again.Batting for long periods is something that comes naturally to Cook so when players are told to go and play their normal game, this challenge won’t be too much of a stretch for him. The problem is that the rest of England’s batting lineup have repeatedly shown a flagrant disregard for the forward defensive or the leave.Moeen himself knows he has been guilty of charging down the pitch in a bid for glory when the situation demanded a more tempered approach.”I’ve done it a few times before and I know I’m capable of doing it. Hermes Replica

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