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cheap Canada Goose Many water bodies in China have been turned into open sewers after decades of discharging waste materials Chinese factories and towns channel their effluents into rivers. The quality index of 40% of the water in the Chinese river system is index of 3 or greater. Such kind of water is not fit for human consumption. The qualities of water in most of the major lakes in China are relatively poor. This area is increasing at the rate of about 2,460 km2. The severity of desertification in the inner land of Mongolia has forced residents to leave their villages. The expansion of the desert is also accompanied by the disappearance of soil. Soil erosion has lead into the loss of 5 billion tons of soil every year. This activity has also resulted into the loss of nutrients. The nutrients that have been lost are the equivalent of 40 million tons of fertilizer. Big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai have the highest per capita incomes while the hinterlands have the lowest per capita income. The urban regions are highly developed at the expense of the rural areas which continue to record low GDP (Shi 2012) cheap Canada Goose.