canada goose sale Happiness is whatever’s happening right now. Just remember that the past has already happened. If you got upset today at the office or at work, don’t bring that to the dinner table with your family. The past has already happened. If you are thinking about how you are gonna fix tomorrow whatever upset you today, you are not living in the moment. Sure we learn from experiences. But we must learn to live in the moment. Living in the moment means letting go of the past and not living in the future.

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canada goose clearance The reason you love this place is that it involves all of your senses you can see it, touch it, smell it, taste it and hear it. You are much more likely to feel strongly about an experience when it involves all of your senses than when it does not. Involving the senses will create “anchors” in your customers’ minds regarding your business. When you take them out to lunch at a fabulous restaurant, while they may appreciate your gesture, they are “anchoring” the happy experience with the restaurant and not necessarily with you or with your company canada goose clearance.