The only clothing items that you will not find at a thrift store are undergarments and socks. Thankfully, many companies offer environmentally friendly intimates made from organic cotton or bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber makes exquisitely soft fabric. For socks, hemp makes a good durable material. Unlike cotton, hemp and bamboo are both very easy to grow without pesticides. Unfortunately, green products are in high demand and thus they are quite pricey. So, you may want to save your cash by buying all of your non intimate clothing at a thrift store and buying the few things you can’t get used from and eco friendly (not greenwashed) company. I can’t remember the last time I bought something other than socks or unmentionables new, and I can’t say that I miss shopping at a mall at all. Thrift store items are sorted by size and color rather than brand, so I find shopping there a much more efficient and pleasurable experience.

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