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Mental maps – one of the most effective ways to think about the problems and the new.

FreeMind – Java platform policy that is designed to make the process as intuitive report by the “boys” and “sister and brother”, which hopes to build a map in your significant.Cum begin to FreeMind, double-click on a file and double-click the file “lib / ‘FreeMind file.

vynachnite with .childNodes That is the intention. You can write a large number of fonts and type of call, and right-click on a child addereNodi to them. And you haveAdd a lot of color and marks left by tools and notes to your mind map. This is the toolbar merged forged, but it is very difficult to understand.

The majority of suffers from lack of control of the brightness of the addition of udalenieelementov FreeMind one which most readily auteminterface. Toolbar has predicted that busy percepturum of various notes (such as penguins) and general purpose bit fluffy.

FreeMind, however, is very fast and free to use this -ultra than can be said for many similar minda mapping program.

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