The Black Death not only spread rapidly but also over a large area. Originally thought to have begun in Asia, the sickening agent was carried by Genoese sailors to Italy. From there it traveled across continental Europe and into England. Funny thing is canada goose outlet, the incubation period (the time it takes from the initial infection to the onset of symptoms) for the Plague is very short about two to six days. Since transportation was less efficient in the 14th century it took a longer time to travel great distances. Therefore canada goose outlet canada goose outlet, if the Plague was making people terribly sick in only two to six days it should have not spread as far as it did. A person with the Plague could not have traveled very far before coming down with the debilitating symptoms. People would have died off too quickly with the Plague for the sickness to spread over great distances. On the other hand, Ebola’s incubation period ranges from 2 21 days. This means that a person harboring an Ebola like virus most likely could have traveled a longer time than one with the Plague and spread the sickness over a greater distance before succumbing to the virus.

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