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Ysl replica bags Diego Costa writes farewell message to “wonderful” Chelsea fans after sealing Atletico Madrid moveCosta has sealed his 59million return Madrid after three years in west London09:27, 27 SEP 2017Diego Costa has completed his return to Atletico Madrid (Image: REX/Shutterstock) Costa has sealed his return Madrid after three years in west London that saw him lift the Premier League trophy twice. Atltico’s transfer embargo means the deal for will take effect from January 1.The Spain international, who will watch Chelsea and Atletico face each other in the Champions League on Wednesday night, used an Instagram post to say his goodbyes to Chelsea fans and staff.He wrote: “Some cycles begin while others end. My cycle began at Chelsea three years ago three remarkable years in all aspects and I will never forget it.”Two championship titles, a Community Shield, 120 matches, 59 goals and 24 assists later this cycle has ended. Ysl replica bags

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