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relica birkin hermes Sasikala is head of Tamil Nadu’s ruling party, doing jail timeVideo suggests she is re entering jail in civilian clothesSenior cop alleged she paid bribes for special privilegesWearing a dark kurta, politician VK Sasikala enters the jail in Bengaluru where she is serving four years for corruption on the orders of the Supreme Court. She has submitted the security camera footage as part of an anti corruption investigation commissioned by the state on the basis of her complaints. Ms Jayalalithaa was Chief Minister when she died after a prolonged hospital stay. After her death, the AIADMK, which followed her lead blindly for nearly 20 years, broke into two camps which announced a merger today.The factions were forged over who would be Chief Minister after Ms Jayalalithaa’s death. O Panneerselvam, who regularly subbed for her when she was alive, was first named her replacement, but Ms Sasikala soon moved to take over the state herself. However, the Supreme Court then found Ms Jayalalithaa and her guilty of a decades old corruption case, and ordered her to prison. relica birkin hermes

hermes replica birkin On Oct. 30, President Aquino finally approved a $3.8 billion plan, supported mainly by the World Bank and Asian Development Bank, to rebuild infrastructure, resettle a million people and provide livelihood assistance. Some 25,000 people across the province still live in transitional housing. Another 200,000 or so live in partially repaired but ramshackle dwellings in zones deemed unsafe for habitation. They are all extremely vulnerable to new storms. Only a tenth of all evacuation centers are still usable in a region extremely prone not only to typhoons, but also volcanoes, landslides, floods and earthquakes. Finding safe land is an enormous challenge. resident and humanitarian coordinator hermes replica birkin.