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ImgBurn is an ultra-light CD / DVD / HD / DVD and Blu-ray application that everyone needs in their tool kit.

Image recording is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to store large amounts of data on DVD or CD, as users can download large amounts of data in relatively small files. Also, you are ready to record DVDs or discs.

ImgBurn has different “modes”, each of which has different tasks. This includes Read, which reads the file’s disconnected fileimage; Build, which creates a file image file on your computer or network; Write, write image files on disk; and Verify, to verify if the disk is 100% readable.

With this last option, you can also make sure the data is correct, asking ImgBurn to compare the disk with an image file. Finally, ImgBurn also includes Discovery, which allows you to test your drive to find out what type of disk speed and type can be compatible.

Keep in mind storyIf you have a fire problem, your driver may not be fast enough to handle the configuration configured on ImgBurn. or you are using the wrong type of disk.

ImgBurn is a powerful, lightweight and powerful image that requires little experience, but ensures that all images burn in flash.


Added: additional information (service name and driver version for hard drive driver) to the text “Genealogical Tree”.

Added: ‘Supported Speedwriter”for the text of the disk information in read / authenticated mode.

Added: new record entry (DVD-RAM / HD DVD-RAM / BD-RE recording) that shows the current status of “Deficiency Management” in the drive. If enabled, the “normal” drive will take longer to record the disk as the “authenticate after typing” process automatically.

Added: option to use the default language of the system. When an exact match can not be found (is not the correct translation file) Folderof languages), this program is trying to obtain partial approval.

Added: possibility to run the LiteOn SmartErase feature.

Added: show “MID” in the “Disk information” section of the text on the right – easy to find and always available under the same title.

Added: the ability to translate the values ​​for the image / disk size in the recently expanded ‘Overburn / Truncate’.

Added / digitalized: when reading Q-subchannel data failed, the program attempted to read raw data RAW(and separates it to get Q).

Added / punctuated: Option to add “Archive file of recording files” in which specific extension programs by default – this was done before by default.

Modified: When it is called as an element in the DLE window panel panel (in Vista +), the program will now exclude the file extensions from the selected text at the beginning.

Modified: renaming items in the Explorer window of the DLE window is now possible through the “normal” method with a clickwith the mouse over the selected item (instead of just pressing F2).

Modified: Standard size of I / O buffer (Less than 1 GBRAM = 20 MB, less than 2 GB RAM = 40 MB, all still = 80 MB)

Modified: If the controller can not read the reading line in read / check mode, the program will now record the devoured error before attempting to read it one by one (so the original error message will not be displayed without control).

Modified: Deleted by default / Default message box for Overnightin modification / discovery mod.

Changed: Divide DVD / HD DVD / BD readings of several files to get volume labels in your own selection instead of using one in the DVD Video section.

Changed: Synchronized some codes that generated volume feedback suggestions on DVD / HD DVD / BD built-in.

Modified / restored: When creating a CCD image file design enabled, the PreGap sector is transformed / added to the ‘Index 0’ sector and is included in the fileIMG

Modified / Resolved: The solution to infinite loop problems with some virtual disks caused by incorrect information returned to the “READ SUB CHANNEL” command.

Modified / restored: the self-loading option ‘Auto cancel activated’ is not in read mode.

Modified / Resolved: A solution for a buggy disk (LG) that returns “field not valid in CDB” instead of “field in the list of parameters invalid” in response to specific instructions.

Completed: methodOverburningo standard will always return to “Overburning”.

Solved – Create an MDS file when this should not happen.

Solved: Changing the number of copies needed for the image (in the Write Write Write Write window) does not update the value shown in the progress window.

Solved: error decrypting demetadata in WAV file.
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Solved: If you click on the email link in the box (and ‘ok’ in the indicator), the default email client can not start as they shoulddo nothing).

Correction: the problem with the old filename causes an “error 0x3002” immediately and prevents the open / open dialog box from opening (and possibly an older operating system) open / saved.

Fixed: False positive that occurs in the code that detects BCD in TOC RAW that is returned from the CD.

Completed: When reading an “Advanced Format” disc with 4k (physical and logical), the sector can program the conversion error (the parameter is not valid?) At the end of the fire /verification However, if you click on “Retry”, it can be resolved.

Corrected: read / authenticate mode does not export graph data to file names specified by CLI.

Finished: The last digit of the MCN of the CD is incorrect.

Completed – It is possible to occur when the “Overburn” dialog is displayed from the compilation mode.

Solved: a possible accident when the “Optimize duplicate” option is activated.

ImgBurn supports the following formats



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