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Canada Goose Parka By far the most valuable and collectable examples were created in the US, notably in fowl rich areas such as the Delaware River, Maine, New England, New Jersey and Massachusetts, with the most sought after proponents of the art being the aforementioned Crowell, Cobb and Lincoln. Copley Fine Art Auctions in Boston, which sold a brant by Cobb for $168,000 in 2014, is a good source, but the world’s leading specialist auction house is Guyette Deeter in Maryland. In 2000, the firm paired with Sotheby’s to sell the bulk of the legendary collection of the late Dr James McCleery, which realised almost $11m, setting a then auction record of $684,500 for a Canada goose by Crowell a sum bettered in 2007 when the company, working with Christie’s, hammered down a Lothrop Holmes merganser hen for $856,000. “The market went down a lot in 2008, especially for decoys worth upwards of $10,000,” says Gary Guyette. “It’s now rising again and we’re seeing many new collectors in the upper price range. The more sculptural species, such as pintails and mergansers, are proving popular; the most expensive bird of 2015 was a curlew by Thomas Gelston, which fetched $258,750.” Canada Goose Parka.