Look for subjects or themes that pay more from per click among others. Check out Google AdWords and AdSense to find out just how much each follows a subject matter costs. Ebay auctions then lets you place ads on the blog. Despite Labour joy that they did better than they expected, one senior figure said this week “remember it was Dunkirk, not D Day”.Arguably Labour’s advances now present as much of a risk as an opportunity. There is another story in what happens to Labour next. It’s still divided on many issues, and on Jeremy Corbyn’s real capabilities.Remember that some of the MPs who increased their majorities unashamedly promised their constituents on the doorsteps that he would be gone after the election and, more to the point, that they’d help remove him.And as the party ponders its future, it might be wise to consider the advice of a Labour Party sage who argues: “This was the worst Tory campaign in 50 years, and we still lost.”The Conservative effort was a bad campaign.

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