At least with your own site, and access to thousands of merchants willing to pay a commission for sales on their sites. But make NO mistake; YOU HAVE TO WORK AT IT. In the first week alone, I spent most of my time creating and building my site, applying to merchants to let me advertise and receive more detail commission, and putting myshopping link all over the web. The first day, no visitors, but the second day there were 27 page loads, and several links that were clicked. The third day was 62. I still have my really great job full time with a regular paycheck, but the online site gives me sense of freedom and independence that is totally mine. Will it produce sales? Eventually. Will it belong soley to me? Absolutely. My total investment was less than one hundred dollars, and I have full access to every single sales tool imaginable. Make sure that this is something you will want to invest TIME into, because “if you build it, they will buy” is bull. You have to advertise, tweak and work at it. You will have to look at it everyday, keep track of your traffic, and try new ways to advertise. But the bottom line is, NO ONE GETS RICH OVERNIGHT. The working class, whether they be blue collar or corporate still have to put on a pair of pants or a skirt, and make that commute. Even in my current corporate environmemt, there is still driving and coaching to do, visits, and follow up.

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