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JDownloaderis afile downloader that allows you to quickly and efficiently download file hosting services files like Mediafire, 4S distributed and so on.

Download from the best hosting service

Downloading files from file hosting services can be a very slow process, mainly due to limitations and low download speeds. However, many of the features offered by this program allowyou to avoid obstacles and enjoy more convenient downloading than simple and easy to handle way.

For example: jDownloader allows you to have long download lists, so you can load them sequentially, individually or at the same time, that is, it can save a lot time.

Here are some examples of the features you’ll find in the program:

-No time to reach the daily download limit

-Assign a new IP address to the free hosting account owner

– At the same time download as many files as possible, even from different machines

-Customer Account management for all existing hosting services

– Ability to pause and resume the download whenever you want

It’s a rarity that you are leaving jDownloader with the problem. Downloads have been removed Last night the casket was not successfully restored, but it did notoccurs many times in general, the program is stable and orderly.

Also failed for experienced users

Using JDownloader is very simple. First, what you need to do is copy the URL of the page (RapidShare or any other file hosting service) containing the file to download. Sometimes you’ll find large files split into some compressed files (common RARs) to make them smaller: jDownloader recognizessome items are copied to the clipboard and automatically “shared them”. This means that you can copy and paste some program URLs without having to worry about it.

After entering Internet addresses in the window to add URLs, click on the Play interface to start the download.

YesWhere you have Premium account for the hosting service you are using to download, it may take a long time (usually aminutes) before starting the download. In this case, jDownloader controls the process, it does not require click.

Another limitation of the free accounts you get from some hosts is limiting the number of megabytes to be downloaded each day. When you reach this limit, you will have to wait some time before you can start downloading again; However, jDownloader allows you to get new “Fresh” IP addresses as possibleyou start downloading immediately.

Just click on the “Get a new IP button” (two blue arrows in the upper right corner of the interface) and events in seconds (and not after some time) are in the downloads list.

Manager download complete

Anyone who downloads files, even sporadically, from one of the many existing Webwill file hosting services, jDownloader values ​​one by one: make it easieryour life. It should be a full service download manager.


Removes the design error in JDownloader’s main menu

Many improvements are numerous and updated, including Hotfile, Fileserve, File4safe, Shragle and more

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