Thorkell The Tall from Vinland Saga. Imagine a good natured, enthusiastic Manchild who literally bubbles with joie de vivre and throws himself into life with single minded glee and delight. Good. Now, imagine him as an eight foot tall Viking, Dual Wielding axes, who lives for fighting people and really isn’t particular about who he picks a fight with as long as they’ve got the promise of a good fight in them. You have Thorkell. Other people in the series comments on how easily likable he is for a man prone to Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, pillaging, scaring the water out of people merely by getting psyched, and who casually smashes the skull of one of his own subordinates for mocking a Worthy Opponent of his. It should be noted he started out as a Psycho for Hire, only to join the main characters when he realized the Big Bad would be funnier to fight.

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wholesale replica designer handbags Buddy Cop Show: Parodied and lampshaded in a hilarious scene with a line of cops being paired up with ethnic stereotypes culminating ridiculously with a female cop being paired with an animated cat detective. Another cop gets teamed up with the black and white digitalization of Humphrey Bogart. Bullet Proof Fashion Plate: Played with: Jack falls into a tar pit, comes out completely covered in tar, and begins to wipe himself off. The camera cuts away briefly, and when it cuts back he’s completely clean. Danny remarks, “You know, tar actually sticks to some people.” But for Me, It Was Tuesday: Played with. Danny warns Slater not to trust Practice, because he’s played by F. Murray Abraham, who killed Mozart. When Slater later repeats the accusation, misremembering it as “you killed Moe Zart,” Practice is confused, but concedes it’s possible: “I kill a lot of people. The officer that shouts “Hey Slater! It’s your ex wife on two!” when Slater and Danny show up at the police station is played by Mike Muscat, who had previously played Moshier in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, as the Cyberdyne Systems security guard who calls the police to say, “I think it’s that guy from the mall. Him and the woman” when Miles Dyson shows up with the Terminator and Sarah Connor in tow. Muscat was also Edward Furlong’s (John Connor) acting coach. The Jack Slater IV premiere apparently desires to showcase as many celebrity cameos as possible, including a few who have connections to Schwarzenegger: Little Richard, Entertainment Tonight host Leeza Gibbons, James Belushi (who starred with Schwarzenegger in Red Heat), Damon Wayans, Chevy Chase, Timothy Dalton (the James Bond actor at that time) and Jean Claude Van Damme (who worked with John McTiernan on Predator as the original Predator before dropping out), who delivers a Bilingual Bonus joke. Joan Plowright, Laurence Olivier’s wife, is the teacher who introduces his version of Hamlet and says the kids might recognize him as Zeus from Clash of the Titans and some Polaroid camera commercials. In a blink or you’ll miss it cameo, Tina Turner plays the Mayor at the climax of Jack Slater III. Sir Ian McKellen plays Death from The Seventh Seal. Danny DeVito as the voice of Whiskers. Card Carrying Villain: Benedict. Cassandra Truth: At first, neither Jack Slater nor Da Chief believe Danny’s claims that he’s from outside the movie. Catchphrase: “I’ll be back.” Jack: Hah! You didn’t know I was going to say that, did you wholesale replica designer handbags.