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canada goose black friday UPDATE, Writethru, Monday, 11:34 AM: Disney’s final grosses on its three dominating pictures in the marketplace just arrived. All studios have reported now and only global cumes to come. Let’s look first at Disney’s Big Three, which together have an international cume of $1.24B so far and climbing. on May 6, Disney/Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War began its offshore campaign this frame in 37 territories. With an estimated $200.4M, Team Cap and Team Iron Man came in just behind Avengers: Age Of Ultron’s international start last year and set all time opening weekend records in Brazil, Mexico and the Philippines. With both The Jungle Book ($59.1M) and Zootopia ($9.3M) continuing their international swings, the Mouse roared this frame with the Top three studio pictures at the offshore box office accounting for $268.8M. China’s Book Of Love landed just below Jungle Book on the overall chart with an estimated $51M for the follow up to Finding Mr Right which forms part of the Beijing Meets Seattle franchise. canada goose black friday

canada goose store Bubonic Plague is caused by the bacteria Yersinia pestis. Many rodents, such as rats, carry the infected fleas and in turn become sick. Only after the rodent has died do the fleas jump to humans for a new tasty snack. Thus, with millions of Europeans dying a mass die off of rats is also expected. However, “there are no reports from the time of a huge number of dead rats,” says Dr. Duncan. In big cities like London where thousands died of the Plague only small numbers of rat skeletons have been found, which is “suspicious.” If the Plague were indeed the cause of the Black Death then Europe should be a loaded with old rat bones. A virus spread through person to person contact would not have left a by product of rat bones canada goose store.