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canada goose clearance SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileMatthew Childs, left, and Liam Lundrigan working in the garden beside Harbour View High School, where the cafeteria food will soon be supplied by Chartwells. (Joseph Tunney/CBC)Students and parents who are fighting for local, healthy options at two Saint John schools will find that Chartwells can deliver on those demands, the superintendent of Anglophone South School District said on Thursday.Zo Watson said many of the concerns raised over the past two weeks have been addressed by the company through its winning service proposal for the Harbour View High School and Seaside Park Elementary cafeteria contracts.And she said Chartwells intends to sit at the table with school officials and student and parent representatives to ensure a good working relationship.”We all want healthy food for students, and we want the food to be affordable, and I’m pleased so many are interested in good nutrition,” Watson told Information Morning on Thursday.Matters a lot to 2 schools”It’s clear the two schools have made this a priority.”Zo Watson, the superintendent of the Anglophone South School District, says the process to decide on a food service provider for the two schools was ‘far too lengthy.’ (Matthew Bingley/CBC)Students and parents from the two side schools fear the contract is a move away from their desired small scale model of locally produced food, prepared on site.”We wanted wholesome food with whole grains and colourful foods, salads, all the things that kids at that age, not only should be eating, but should be taught to eat,” Shane Cassidy, a member of Seaside Park’s nutrition advisory committee told Information Morning on Wednesday.”We had decided to go completely away from that large corporate structure.”Local produce requiredWatson said Chartwells will have a variety of healthy grab and go items, such as sandwiches, fresh fruit, salads and hot items.The prevalence of school gardens is new territory for the district, she said, but the new contract ensures that Chartwells will use produce grown by the schools, as well as other New Brunswick and Maritime producers canada goose clearance.