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Canada Goose Jackets Today there are more than 35 species of genetically modified fish. Many of these fish species have had their genes altered in such a way that they create an excess of growth hormone, causing them to develop faster and/or grow larger, with the aims of generating more meat in less time with less cost. The growth hormone they are producing is not itself unnatural, but when and how much of this hormone they produce are new to the altered species. The AquAdvantage Salmon is an Atlantic salmon in which researchers added a gene from a Pacific Chinook salmon that regulates growth hormone and a promoter (a DNA sequence that turns on other genes) from an ocean pout that promotes a natural antifreeze protein. This genetic combination results in a higher year round concentration of growth hormone in the blood of the AquAdvantage Salmon, causing them to reach maturity in two thirds the time of wild or farmed Atlantic salmon Canada Goose Jackets.