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My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom game is a virtual puppy, showing a star with Tom Cat Talking and Tom Cat 2. Tom needs to be happy to feed him, turn him around, sleep with him and play with him,

More interactive than ever

Tommoy’s conversation holds the same basic functions, like Tom Talking, but it takes a little more, offering more work and more parents.

You can still do all the basic things you can do. Group and other gamesSome socialists dressed are 7 animals, that is, Tom repeat what they talk about and interact with each other, touching them in a different way. But the form “My Talking Tom” now feels like a virtual pet game – “Pu”. It’s more about your friend’s cat, for example, in mini-games, customizing the look, choosing the home-made food and decoration chosen by Tom.

Another important feature is the ability to share a Tom video with the world.

Review things My call to TomIt requires coins on the trip or can be purchased. There is a system of Recovery, where you want, when you spend your time in the cat, that your needs have been met. When you get up, you unlock new items and items in the store.

There are Mini Talking Tom mini-games, such as a center that allows you to earn and pay coins. It requires entertainment.

How to play My talk Tom

Just like in POW (and on that subject tamotchis), my pet must hang out on Hang Hangthey are. They represent rounded legs at the bottom of the screen, and they must slowly fall off, even when performing a special action. This principle is understandable, and when you play for the first time in “My Calls”, your ideas have been proven well.

Required four meters: entertainment (interacting with Tom or playing mini-golf), eating (food in the mouth), bladder (full toilet) and tiredness of light turning). To perform one of these actions, touch the icon.

It seems

Recordings and “My TalkingTima “was not the talk of Tom Cat’s conversation 2. The cat is essentially the same as the cat (although you can make it more specialize), and its piercing voice is the same, and it seems to be the only hero who appears in the game Tom (for example, There is no talk with her girlfriend, angel or her spouse when Ben talks to a dog.

An interesting feature is that My Talking Tom is the opportunity to visit other home players and their ownIt is possible to see how to decorate jewelry. Also, you can look for treasures that you can get more coins.

There is also a mini-game, where Tom needs to know, it’s really fun, especially for young players.


If you are a fan talking to Tom Cat or Pou, you can enjoy Talking Tom because it combines the two best items. However, some believe that catching the cat’s ongoing process is a bit boring and repetitive.

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