To understand braking on a go kart, it helps to imagine how braking is done on a bicycle, where you can easily see the brakes. A bicycle brake has a set of brake pads that squeezes the tire (usually) and stops it from spinning. These pads are controlled by a set of calipers that create the squeezing motion when they are activated by a cable on the handlebars..

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But all it does for you is turn on “check engine light” when there is a problem. To know what the problem is, you should take your car to mechanics and have it scanned by diagnostic scan tools. OBD3 (not sure yet this will be the name of the next generation of obd system) would eliminate the steps of going to mechanics and having it scanned by scan tools.

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You should hope for the best, but prepare for the worst while cruising during the hurricane season. This means to pack accordingly. While you might want to just be wearing your swimsuit the whole time while lying on the beaches, this might not be the case.