canada goose outlet cheap canada goose canada goose outlet The effective tax rate is defined as revenue paid to government from royalties and taxes combined. In South Africa, the take is 30 to 35 per cent, while in Western Australia it can reach as high as 80 per cent. collected approximately $83 million in royalties and tax revenue from mining operations in 2016, or less than five per cent of the territory’s 2017 $1.86 billion budget.According to the report, mining giant Rio Tinto paid zero royalties to the territorial government from its Diavik diamond mine operation in 2015, and half of the $63.2 million in income taxes it did pay appear to have been kept by the federal government.This is typical for Canada, the report says, but unusual for the rest of the world.Part of the problem identified by the report is the high cost of mineral exploration and mine development in the North, which gives companies leverage to negotiate royalty agreements, and deters further exploration in the North.A question of balancing taxation with motivation to investPaul Zimnisky, a diamond industry analyst, disagrees with some aspects of the report.”Given the complexity of taxes, royalties and supplementary benefits to a government from a resource project, it’s quite difficult to simply make an apples to apples comparison,” Zimnisky stated in an email to CBC News.

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