relica birkin hermes And it’s rung up a bill that will cost you a lot of money.The mysterious missed callThis appears to be a new kind of mobile phone scam that can cost customers hundreds of pounds.Victims who spoke to the The Daily Mail have told variations of the same story, all with no recollection of calling back the number on their bill. Especially not for 12 hours.Some say they didn’t even see the missed call, while others just ignored it.One woman, who usually had a bill of a month, was shocked to discover she owed after a call which she did not answer.Another was distressed to learn she owed for a call to an 0845 number 41 times higher than her normal bill.Read more: The text trap that means you’re charged 45p for basic messagesVodafone initially told her she had been on the line for 12 hours, but her phone only showed a missed call from the number and none the other way.All the victims seen by the paper were Vodafone customers, but the mobile phone provider says it is an industry wide scam.Mobile phones watchdog Ofcom is investigating.The numbers appear to be linked to 0845 and 0843 numbers owned by claims management firms.But the exact way that the scam works is still unclear.How to protect yourselfRead more: The text that cost a man A Vodafone spokeswoman told Mirror : “This is an industry wide issue affecting other operators. relica birkin hermes

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