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Fast and accurate writing is becoming increasingly important for today’s computers and devices around the world. With RapidTyping you can easily improve your typing.

RapidTyping combines several simple exercises without having to constantly watch the keyboard. The program allows you to prepare specific groups of letters located next to the keyboard and give you fingerprints that will be used in each one. Finally, you will find colorful statistics on performance and improvements.

interfaceRapidTyping is interesting because the images of the backgrounds can be very confusing. Fortunately, you can banish them and use white backgrounds for lessons.

These lessons included in RapidTyping are very simple; Only cover letters No authentication or phrases. From now on, you can easily create lessons that you can test out for.

RapidTyping easily records your accuracy and speed.


Added Arabic interface language

Direct defect of the left text is fixeddepending on the keyboard layout and Hebrew

In the video window the visual error is fixed

Shift key Repeated tones are selected

Updated interface language in Chinese

Interface language in Bosnia has been updated

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