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Slender: The Eight Pages

Slender is the horror game of the first man, where only eight manuscripts for Sweet Man, paranormal being are your only goal. Next is a previous game called Slenderman based on a similar theme, but it was not that scary or successful.

Playing hundreds

The basic premium the game is more direct, which come in contact with dear boy, the fun is drained more barzo.Taka who should not take care to watch the enemy for too long and remember that your flashlight battery is limited, so you have to switchthe occasional to save it. The stronger the sprinkling, the lower it gives you the highest stamina, so you only have to sprinkle when needed.

Is he afraid?

Slim is good for creating a very shameful atmosphere for a very simple game. You feel like you, your torch and the sound of cricket, as you walk through the forest to look for manuscripts. However, the general purpose of collecting 8 pages of the manuscript is rather limited and therefore the gameplay is onelittle limited.

Game management is simple: Mouse – Look around, A, S D – MoveShwith Shift – Sprint Click on the left mouse button- Delete pages rightClick – Questions about flashlight Reasons C – Expand / remove technical problems

Keep in mind that you need WinZip or WinRAR to extract the download from this snip.

Because Slender was originally released, there were many roundabouts of varying degrees of quality. We tried them with Softonic’s staffto see who is the hardest, so make sure you look at how they ended up with them:


Alyme is a terrible ominous game that is worth trying if you have ever heard of it before the former sweet man.


The subtitle of the game (“Yr Eight pages”) has been added to distinguish it from future versions.

A better homemenue and extra music. It also contains links to the Slab Index and YouTube.

Several sources have been added of light (unlockonce the game once).

Extra shadows (not really noticeable, except in illuminated areas).

The jog speed increases steadily when more pages are collected.

Remove the fall to restore endurance after jogging / spraying reduces the level of endurance drainage. time

you start to jog / sprinkle, but it drops right to 5% of your endurance. With this you can move

sprinkles for a much longer period, but makes repetitive bands of the jog / sprintbutton, resulting in endurance

that quickly draining (effective removal of old operation).

The largest distance you may see decrease when you collect more pages; here is the fun

for people with noodles turned off. For the same reason, the shadow distance can no longer be changed.

A menu has been added with a menu that automatically switches the phrase.

He has added a rest function, but only if there is no static electricity (that you are pausing against it)protects the game if it is not static)

in response to the thin man’s vision).

Put a baby where the flashlight tries to stab a page on the other side of the wall.

One of the hidden methods has been removed (this is a matter of time because it contains copyrighted material).

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