Tickets are $10.Studio Paris has a host of Lollapalooza performers on deck for the weekend with Steve Aoki on the decks Friday night, Canadian dub steppers Adventure Club on Saturday and a DJ set by Ellie Goulding on Sunday. Getting in this spot can be difficult enough on an ordinary weekend, so your best bet is to RSVP in advance.Expect a wild night at Berlin on Thursday with live DJ sets by Lollapalooza performers Ethan Kath of Crystal Castles, Chicago’s Supreme Cuts and IO ECHO..Gilt City’s Lollapalooza Pool PartyThe Gold Coast’s Public Hotel turns in to the Bed Head Hotel Lollapalooza weekend with a host of daytime parties, which means free music, drinks and performances by Lollapalooza artists The Orwells and Beast Patrol and a DJ set by Jillionaire of Major Lazer.

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