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hermes replica belts If the show can carry this momentum into Tuesday season finale and build a strong bridge to the already greenlit Season 2, we might actually come back next season for the stories, rather than just the novelty. aims to finish strong, here are five things we like to see happen. agent Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) was the weakest character on the show. But having Ward reveal himself as a Hydra mole a few episodes back has been the series single biggest jaw dropping twist, and the character has suddenly popped into whole other dimension. It would be fantastic to see Ward remain loyal to Hydra and his newly superpowered mentor John Garrett (Bill Paxton), rather than being revealed as a double double agent or having a change of heart. The odds seem slim, though. is at its strongest when it doing character drama right, something we seen in last four or five episodes. Its Achilles heel remains the action sequences that just scream TV budget, especially after the special effects extravaganza of Captain America: The Winter Soldier hermes replica belts.