Prada Cheap Bags Cheap Prada Bags I’m not doing his, um, argument justice, but he sure made it sound swell. At the time however, I thought my version of liberalism, or progressive thought, or whatever barely formed thing it was, was pretty simple myself. When I read the Gospels of the New Testament as a child and a tween, the things that stuck with me were this: Jesus was a little tetchy, talking back to his mother and killing a fig tree just because, and this was odd; Jesus condemned those who made loud public professions of religious fervor; Jesus was into what seemed like a “communal” lifestyle that contained certain vestiges of what we now call socialism (my interpretation of the lifestyle might have been colored by my own counter culture inflected utopian ideals at the time I was reading, in the late 1960s/early 1970s); and Jesus said, “That which you have done unto the least of my brothers, thou hast done to me.” These impressions, then, flowed into my inchoate liberalism, the main tenet of which was and when I remind myself to go by it still is “Don’t be shitty to people, and, maybe, try to help out people who are in less fortunate circumstances than you.” Nowadays I read whiny pompous articles by the likes of Mike Deresiewicz, where, rhetorically assailing the “religion” of “political correctness,” he sneer in an aside that “liberal students (and liberals in general) are [.] bad at defending their own positions.

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