So by using Mystic with Virginia, you can use attack items to create more attack items than you used and create your own infinite stock. Very helpful when exploiting weaknesses.A staple in the Final Fantasy series:The Scholar job in Final Fantasy III doubles the effectiveness of all items used including the magical attack items making them far more deadly then they initially appear.The Economical Ring in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years doubles the effectiveness of healing items used and is typically given to Edward to supplement his Item Caddy abilities to supplant a role usually had by a White Mage.In addition, Edward himself has the ‘Salve’ ability, which lets him split an item’s effect into all party members (in the earlier versions) or use several items at once to all members (in High Quality replica Bags later versions).The Chemist job in Final Fantasy V doubles the effect of HP and MP restoring items.The Alchemist dressphere of Final Fantasy X 2 can combine different items to create Awesome Yet Practical effects that you wouldn’t normally obtain.The Item Lore Augments in Final Fantasy XII increase the effectiveness of items for each one purchased.One of the item combination effects in Final Fantasy XIII 2 is “Improved Potions”, which increases the amount of health restored potions.Bravely Default has a few: Healing Lore, which doubles the effects of healing abilities (items and otherwise); Attack Item Amp, which multiplies the power of attack items by 1.5; Widen Area, which causes a single target item to affect the entire party; and Item Critical, which gives items a 15% chance to be a critical hit (which doubles their effectiveness).

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