Jump Start is a daily comic strip written and illustrated by Robb Armstrong, and syndicated by United Features Syndicate. The strip revolves around Joe and Marcy Cobb, a middle class African American couple from Philadelphia as they try to balance their professional lives and raising their young children. Tropes used in this comic strip: all lowercase letters: The young children, such as Sunny and Jojo, have this in their Speech Bubbles. Comic Book Time: Averted Jump Start is one of a handful of strips that takes place in (relative) real time. December December Romance: Clayton and Maureen Drives Like Crazy: Joe’s mother Grammar Nazi: Joe’s mother, much to everyone’s annoyance. Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Clarence and Charlene. Salt and Pepper: Inverted with Sunny and her best friend Dexter, since Sunny is definitely the most level headed of the two. Played more straight with Jojo and his best friend Benny. Soap Punishment: Marcy Cobb tells her husband Joe that she had to wash out their son Joseph’s mouth for lying. Joe reminds her that washing out someone’s mouth with soap is for cursing, not lying. Tiny Guy, Huge Girl: Clayton and Maureen.

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