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Canada Goose sale With the gift giving season upon us, I thought it might be nice to write about a story of gift giving between microorganisms. Microorganisms are pillars of our food chain, invaluable in turning wheat into bread, milk into cheese and yoghurt, and a wide range of fruits and vegetables into a diversity of drinks. The full set of ten Penicillium species included six cheese related fungi that is, fungi which are either involved in cheese making (P. roqueforti and P. camemberti) or are contaminants of cheese. The team built a tree showing the evolutionary relationships between the ten species, and then used this tree to search for horizontal gene transfers between the species. Their conservative analysis uncovered 104 transfers within the group, including several that involved long stretches of DNA. The researchers focused on two of the large transfers. The largest, named Wallaby, was already known and carries an anti fungal gene which can help deal with competitors. Based on their distribution among the strains, both regions seem to be associated with living in a dairy environment. In fact, all of the P. Strains carrying both regions did less well in normal cultures than strains without them, but they performed better when grown on a cheese medium. The interesting thing is that these two regions (along with others) spread by hopping between strains and species, not by being inherited through descent. Adaptive Horizontal Gene Transfers between Multiple Cheese Associated Fungi. Current Biology 25:2562 (2015) Canada Goose sale.