Designer Replica Bags Fake Designer Bags Replica Handbags It’s funny how some particular fans will always try to belittle Indian player’s achievements. It’s not a new thing that most of the comments here are filled with negativity. Why is it that indian players are only good if they play well in Australia, SA, NZ or England because I don’t see these fans asking the fast bowlers from above mentioned countries to prove in Indian conditions, as they do not assist swing. Matter of fact, every time Steyn comes to India, very conveniently he gets injured. FYI Steyn is one of my favorite bowler. This gives him greater chance of getting wkts. He has also restricted his variations of different balls to improve his accuracy length. Murali’s action would have made him unplayable on the Nagpur wkt.( if he had played for SA). He always had >15 degree bend at the elbow assisting his spinning capabilities. If Ashwin continues his new found control line of attack, he will succeed overseas too. Don’t forget Ashwin succeeded on good batting wkts. All I was trying to emphasis was that, as Rajesh said, the sample away from Asia is too small to judge Ashwin’s future performance there, the sample within Asia (but outside India) is even smaller and Ashwin can’t be judged as ‘force’ in Asia as yet based on those figures, and that’s why he has to prove himself in more matches in Asia away from India, until then he is a force only in India where he gets immense help from tailor made wickets. That’s not undermining him, that’s stating plain facts. If the facts does so then it can’t be helped.

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