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Prada Cheap Bags Prada Bags Replica Fake Prada Handbags SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileRetired Winnipeg homicide detective Bill VanderGraaf says he is “elated” that medical marijuana users in Canada will be allowed to grow their own cannabis.VanderGraaf uses medical marijuana to cope with post traumatic stress.Federal Court strikes down ban on medical marijuana patients growing own potFederal Court Judge Michael Phelan on Tuesday struck down regulations that prevented Canadians from growing medical marijuana. He suspended his decision for six months to give the federal government time to create new regulations.Manitoba government ready to talk about legalizing marijuanaPolice bust fewer pot smokers in Winnipeg than in most other Canadian citiesThe previous Conservative government introduced the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations in 2013 and required patients to buy cannabis from licensed producers instead of growing their own.VanderGraaf said the change made medical marijuana more expensive and more difficult to access.’Ridiculous situation,’ says retired copAfter the laws changed three years ago, medical marijuana patients started buying cannabis from drug dealers to avoid the high cost of buying from licensed producers, said VanderGraaf. Others skirted rules and continued to grow plants despite the illegality, he said.”This has become a ridiculous situation,” VanderGraaf said.”We don’t say one day they’re not criminals and then the next day they are criminals.”For VanderGraaf, permission to grow marijuana, which he refers to as his medicine, in his house restores a right that had been taken away.”I think it’s a fundamental principle in the criminal justice system that a man’s home is his castle,” he said.VanderGraaf does not believe allowing patients to grow their own pot will take a bite out of licensed growers’ profits, even though it presents a cheaper alternative.. Fake Prada Handbags

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